1. RAND Research for Ministry of Education (11.2011)
    In the RAND review for the Greek Research and Development, the Chemical Enginnering field is first and the School of Chemical Engineering of A.U.Th. is the second centre of excellence...
    Report:pdf_buttonsummary pdf_buttonfull
  2. IChemE - Increase of Chemical Engineering 1st year students in UK (22.1.2010)
    According to UCAS data for 2010, great increase of new Chemical Engineering students has been observed.
    David Brown (IChemE CEO), stated "Students recognize more and more the value of the Chemical Engineering Diploma and the professional opportunities that follow."... pdf_button
  3. 3rd Εuropean Report of Progress in Science and Technology (2003)
    Report shows Chemical Engineering research in Greece, as second in Europe......pdf_button

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