Welcome to the School of Chemical Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Our main goal is to provide high quality education in one of the widest and more rapidly evolved scientific areas and to train professional Chemical Engineers able to assess, to evaluate, to form decisions and finally to be able to staff a variety of research, production, educational or administrative organizations.   

Chemical Engineering is very often defined as the science that enables, through large scale physical and chemical processes, the conversion of raw materials into high added value products, useful to the society. Chemical Engineering is no longer identified only with the processes that take place within the borders of a classical chemical industry (i.e. chemical products, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, food etc.). It has penetrated with success into new and actual fields such as these of energy, environment, safety, nanotechnology, biomedicine or biotechnology.

The curriculum of the School though a dynamic adjustment process is trying to respond to the challenges of this continuously varying scientific environment. Τhe theoretical and laboratory base courses (enriched with some introductory specialization courses) of the first semesters are followed by courses directly related to the Chemical Engineering profession. These, in combination with a wide spectrum of choice courses (in the areas mentioned above) provide to the student the possibility to create his own scientific profile. The study is completed in the fifth year (in total 10 semesters) with the execution of Design and Diploma Thesis in which the student is trained in the combinatorial use of the knowledge he receive during his study, towards facing a more general design or research subject.

The School of Chemical Engineering offers also a so-called “2nd cycle program” of postgraduate studies leading to a postgraduate diploma in Chemical Engineering, as well as a “3rd cycle program” leading to a Ph.D. degree after the successful execution and defense of a Ph.D. Thesis. In addition, the School participates in two interdepartmental postgraduate programs in “Processes & Advanced Materials Technology” and in “Protection, Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Monuments”  

At this point I consider appropriate to address the new students of our School, those in the first year of their studies. First of all, I would like to congratulate you with your success that marks the successful ending of a highly laborious cycle and the beginning of a new. You became students of one of the most internationally respected academic schools of our country. In the coming years you will not only acquire specialized scientific knowledge and abilities but you will become engineers with ethos and self-confidence and you will learn to communicate with clarity and cooperate efficiently with the others. Nothing is easy but there is also nothing you should be afraid of. On one hand you have proven that you possess the potential and the capabilities, on the other hand you are not alone in this trip. Your teachers and supervisors and in general all the members of the School will be standing next you, willing to support you with advices or any other help you might eventually need. And this is something that you should exploit.

I wish to all a prosperous and creative new academic year

Prof. Vassilis Zaspalis

Head of School