Dear colleague,

We hope that you had a healthy and happy start into 2021 even if the circumstances still might be special. Since we announced our program in December 2020, inviting international students to participate in our summer school onsite, here in Cologne, we revised our concept due to the pandemic: We designed a hybrid format that allows students to decide whether they wish to apply for their participation in person or online. We assume that it will be easier for European students to plan an onsite stay in Cologne but also non-European students are welcome.

Our Cologne Summer School on Opinion Form!ng Processes in Digital Democracies is still designed for students from all disciplines. The dates changed a bit since a hybrid format including online participation can not be as long as an onsite school. The new dates are: July 26 – August 6, 2021.

Further, we extended the application deadline to April 30, 2021. Please note that we have established new types of scholarships- for an onsite and online participation respectively.

We invite you to read through our new website full of experiences which we made last year during our first entirely online summer school:

Further, we would be very grateful if you informed your students about the opportunity to apply for this program. The application procedure can be done directely online. The QR-code for the online application form can be found on the flyer but also on the programs website which is:

Please feel free to print the flyer or distribute it on your social media channels. Like every year, this particular summer school is exclusively designed for students from our appreciated partner univesities. We will be able to host 8 students here in Cologne and 20 students online.

Wishing you a healthy and happy spring time and sending you many greetings,
Victoria and Marina

Victoria Busch M. A.
Coordinator Cologne Summer Schools
Intercultural Trainer
University of Cologne
International Office
Department 93 – International Mobility
Universitätsstraße 22 a, 50923 Cologne
Phone: +49-221-470-1394

Akutalisierung für 2021: Als Teilzeitkraft bin ich ab sofort montags, mittwochs und donnerstags, in der Zeit von 09:00 Uhr bis 17:30 Uhr, für Sie per Email erreichbar.
Falls Sie mich persönlich sprechen möchten, schreiben Sie mir bitte eine Email. Ich rufe Sie dann gern zurück. Vielen Dank.


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