Vassilis Zaspalis
Professor, Science and Technology of Materials

– Ph.D. Mater. Sci. (Univ. of Twente, NL, 1990)
– M.Sc. Chem. Technol. (Univ. of Twente NL, 1986)
– Dipl. Chem. Eng. (Univ. Patras 1986)

Curriculum vitae





Office: 216, 2nd floor of Building D
Telephone: 2310.996201 Fax: 2310.996269

Student Reception: Daily 9:00 – 15:00

  1. CERAMIC MAGNETIC MATERIALS: Synthesis properties and applications of ceramic magnetic materials such as ferrites of the cubic spinel or the hexagonal structure.
  2. CERAMIC MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY: Synthesis, characterization and properties of porous ceramic membrane for gas or liquid mixture treatment processes and high temperature membrane reactor processes.
  3. OXIDIC OR METALLIC NANOPARTICLES: Synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles for protection coatings, catalytic or biomedical applications.
  4. REDOX CATALYTIC MATERIALS: Synthesis, characterization and applications of mixed oxide materials as RedOx catalysts for chemical process of energetic or environmental interest (thermal decomposition or chemical looping processes).
  1. Removal of organic micropollutants from drinking water by a novel electro-Fenton filter: Pilot-scale studies. Water Research 91:183-194 (2016
  2. Synthesis of a low loss Mn-Zn ferrite for power applications. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 400:307-310 (2016)
  3. Ferrites as redox catalysts for chemical looping processes. Fuel, 165:367-378 (2016)
  4. Magnetic Nanoparticles in Medical Diagnostic Applications: Synthesis, Characterization and Proteins Conjugation, Current Nanoscience 12, 2016
  5. Development of bubble-less ozonation and membrane filtration process for the treatment of contaminated water. Journal of Membrane Science, 492:40-47 (2015)
  1. Design of Advanced Materials and Processes (W ≥5′ Semester – Elective Course)
  2. Practical Training – Materials/Nanotechnology (WS ≥8′ Semester – Elective Course)
  3. Materials Science and Technology I (5 ‘ Semester – Compulsory Course)
  4. Materials Science and Technology II (6 ‘ Semester – Compulsory Course)
  5. Diagnostic Methods in Materials Science (W ≥7 ‘ Semester – Elective Course)
  6. Transfer of R&D Results from Laboratory to Industrial Production (S ≥6′ Semester – Elective Course)
  1. Evdou Antigoni (Starting Year: 2012)
  2. Vryzas Zisis (Starting Year: 2014)
  3. Tsanaktsidou Evgenia (Starting Year: 2016)
  4. Matsouka Charitini (Starting Year: 2016)