George Karapetsas

Ph.D. Chem. Eng. (Univ. Patras, Greece, 2008)
M.Sc. Chem. Eng. (Univ. Patras, Greece, 2004)
Dipl. Chem. Eng. (Aristotle Univ. Thessaloniki, Greece, 2002)

Position: Assistant Professor
Expertise: Process Systems Engineering
Department: U.O.A.T.

Curriculum vitae




Office:  123, 1st floor, Building D
Τelephone: 2310-996268 Fax: 2310-996190
Student Reception: Daily 9:30 – 15:00 

  1. Transport Phenomena and Fluid Mechanics
  2. Interfacial and multiphase flows
  3. Phase change, surfactants and flows induced by electric/magnetic fields.
  4. Complex fluids and biological flows
  5. Dynamical systems and stability analysis

1. D. Pettas, G. Karapetsas, Y. Dimakopoulos, J. Tsamopoulos, “On the degree of wetting of a slit by a liquid film flowing along an inclined plane” J. Fluid Mech. 820 (2017) 5-41
2. G. Karapetsas, K. C. Sahu, O. K. Matar, Evaporation of sessile droplets laden with particles and insoluble surfactants, Langmuir 32 (2016) 6871–6881
3. G. Karapetsas, N. T. Chamakos, A. G. Papathanasiou, “Efficient modelling of droplet dynamics on complex surfaces” J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 28 (2016) 085101
4. G. Karapetsas and V. Bontozoglou, “Non-linear dynamics of a viscoelastic film subjected to a spatially periodic electric field ” J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mech. 217 (2015) 1–13
5. G. Karapetsas, R. V. Craster and O. K. Matar, On the surfactant-enhanced spreading and superspreading of liquid drops on solid surfaces, J. Fluid Mech. 670 (2011) 5-37

1. Transport Phenomena – (Postgraduate 1’ Semester – Compulsory Course)
2. Unit Operations II – (6’ Semester – Compulsory Course)
3. Computer applications in Chemical Engineering (4’ Semester – Compulsory Course)
4. Introduction to Computing (2’ Semester – Compulsory Course)

1. Ioannidis Grigorios – Athanasios (Starting Year: 2018)