Eustathios Kikkinides
Professor, Unit Operations and transport processes with emphasis on energy and environmental applications 

– Ph.D. Chem. Eng. (State University of New York at Buffalo, 1994)
– Dipl. (Honors) Chem. Eng. (University of Patras, 1989)

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Office: 124, 1st floor Building D
Telephone: 2310.996258 Fax: 2310.996190
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Student Reception: Daily 9:00-15.30 

  1. Gas and liquid separations and purifications employing porous materials (adsorbents and membranes)
  2. Carbon capture and sequestration
  3. Correlation of pore structural characteristics with transport and equilibrium properties of fluids in porous materials
  4. Multi-scale modeling and simulation of physicochemical processes
  5. Interfacial phenomena and multiphase flows
  1. Nikolaidis G.N., Kikkinides E.S., Georgiadis M.C. “Model-Based Approach for the Evaluation of Materials and Processes for Post-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture from Flue Gas by PSA/VSA Processes”, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 55(3):635–646 (2016).
  2. Kikkinides E.S., Monson P.A., “Dynamic density functional theory with hydrodynamic interactions: Theoretical development and application in the study of phase separation in gas-liquid systems”, J. Chem. Phys. 142(9):094706 (2015).
  3. Kikkinides E.S., Politis M.G., “Linking Pore Diffusivity with Macropore Structure of Zeolite Adsorbents. Part I: Three Dimensional Structural Representation Combining Scanning Electron Microscopy with Stochastic Reconstruction methods; Part II: Simulation of Pore Diffusion and Mercury Intrusion in Stochastically Reconstructed Zeolite Adsorbents”, Adsorption 20(1):5-35 (2014).
  4. Nikolic D., Kikkinides E.S., Georgiadis M.C.,”Optimization of Multibed Pressure Swing Adsorption Processes”, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 48:5388–5398 (2009).
  5. Kikkinides E.S, Yiotis A.G., Kainourgiakis M.E., Stubos A.K.,”Thermodynamic consistency of liquid-gas lattice Boltzmann methods: Interfacial property issues”, Physical Review E 78:036702 (2008).
  1. Chemical Engineering Laboratory I (7 ‘ Semester – Compulsory Course)
  2. Mass Transfer Phenomena (8′ Semester – Compulsory Course)
  3. Applied Thermodynamics I (3 ‘ Semester – Compulsory Course)
  4. Computer Applications in Chemical Engineering (4 ‘ Semester – Compulsory Course)

Karageorgos Filoppos (Starting Year: 2017)