Aggeliki A. Lemonidou
Professor, Chemical Processes of Liquid and Gas Fuels 

– Dr. Chem. Eng. (AUTh, GR, 1990)
– Dipl. Chem. (AUTh, GR, 1979)

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Office: 316, 3rd floor of Building D
Telephone: 2310.996273 Fax: 2310.996184

Student Reception: Daily 9:00 – 17:00


  1. Catalytic processes for the production of alternative fuels from biomass and fossil fuels via reforming, valorization of biodiesel byproducts(glycerol) to high added value chemicals and fuels via hydrodeoxygenation light hydrocarbons conversion to olefins via selective oxidation, sorbent and process development for CO2 capture
  2. Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured catalytic materials
  3. Clarification of catalytic reaction pathways and determination of the kinetics
  1. Athanasios Scaltsoyiannes, Georgios Koilaridis, Andy Antzaras, Angeliki Lemonidou, Towards a generalized carbonation kinetic model for CaO-based materials using a modified random pore model, Chemical Engineering Journal  407 (2021) 127207
  2.  Andy Antzaras, Eleni Heracleous, Angeliki A. Lemonidou, Sorption enhanced – chemical looping steam methane reforming: Optimizing the thermal coupling of regeneration in a fixed bed reactor, Fuel Processing Technology 208 (2020) 106513
  3. Stavros A. Theofanidis Charis Loizidis Eleni Heracleous, Angeliki A. Lemonidou, CO2-oxidative ethane dehydrogenation over highly efficient carbon-resistant Fe-catalysts, Journal of Catalysis 388 (2020) 5265-5277
  4. Vasileia-Loukia Yfanti, Dimitrios Ipsakis, Angeliki A. Lemonidou, Kinetic study of liquid phase glycerol hydrodeoxygenation under inert conditions over Cu-based catalyst, Chem. Eng., 2 (2018) 559-571
  5. Angeli, Giulia Μonteleone, Luca Turcetti, A. Lemonidou, Catalyst development for steam reforming of methane and model biogas at low temperature, Applied Catalysis B 181 (2016) 34–46
  1. Primary Energy Sources (7 ‘ Semester – Compulsory Course)
  2. Chemical Engineering Laboratory II (8 ‘ Semester – Compulsory Course)
  3. Chemical Reactors Design II (7 ‘ Semester – Compulsory Course)
  4. Chemical processes for the production of low carbon footprint fuels (S ≥6′ Semester – Elective Course)
  5. Practical Training – Energy/Environment (W/S ≥8′ Semester – Elective Course)
  1. Zacharopoulou Vasiliki (Starting Year: 2012)
  2. Antzara Anti (Starting Year: 2013)
  3. Yfanti Vasileia-Loukia (Starting Year: 2013)
  4. Skaltsogiannis Athanasios (Starting Year: 2017)