Aikaterini A. Mouza
Professor, Experimental Study and Simulation of Physical & Chemical Processes 

– Dr. Chem. Eng. (AUTh, GR, 2002)
– Dipl. Chem. (AUTh, GR, 1980)

Curriculum Vitae





Office: 101, 1st floor of Building D
Telephone: 2310.994161 Fax: 2310.996209

Student Reception: Daily 9:00 – 14:30


  1. Use of advanced non-intrusive measuring techniques in the study of the hydrodynamic behavior of process equipment.
  2. Application of process simulators in feasibility studies and for pollution abatement in chemical plants.
  3. Experimental study and design of micro-equipment.
  4. Use of CFD in process equipment design.
  1. Passos, A.D., Stogiannis, I.A. and Mouza, A.A. Effect of gas properties on the onset of flooding in small diameter inclined tubes. Chemical Engineering Research & Design doi:10.1016/j.cherd.2013.10.019 (2013)
  2. Anastasiou, A.D., Gavriilidis, A., Mouza, A.A. Study of the hydrodynamic characteristics of a free flowing liquid film in open inclined microchannels Chem. Eng. Sci. 101, 744–754 (2013).
  3. Anastasiou, A.D., Passos, A.D., Mouza, A.A. Bubble columns with fine pore sparger and non-Newtonian liquid phase:prediction of gas hold up. Chem. Eng. Sci. 98, 331-338 (2013)…TOP 25…
  4. Anastasiou, A.D., Makatsoris, C., Gavriilidis, A., Mouza, A.A. Application of μ-PIV for investigating liquid film characteristics in an open inclined microchannel. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science. 44, 90–99(2013)
  5. Kanaris, A.G., Mouza, A.A. Numerical investigation of the effect of geometrical parameters on the performance of a micro-reactor. Chem. Eng. Sci. 66:5366-5373 (2011).
  1. Chemical Plant Design and Economics (8 ‘ Semester – Compulsory Course)
  2. Chemical Engineering Laboratory II (8 ‘ Semester – Compulsory Course)
  3. Principles & Methodology for Measurements (W ≥5′ Semester – Elective Course)
  4. Practical Training – Chemical Engineering (WS ≥8′ Semester – Elective Course)
  5. Introduction to micro equipment design (W ≥7′ Semester – Elective Course)