Department of Chemistry Lab Equipment 

(O.G.G 811/4-7-2006, issue.Β)

Organic Chemistry Laboratory

  1. 2 systems of High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with UV-Vis and Diode Array detector, Gas Chromatography with FID detector.

  2. Rotary evaporators, Lyophilizer, Stirring device.

  3. Homogenizers and other devices for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations, steam sterilizer, sonication bath.

  4. Device for the determination of melting point, distillation and extraction device.

  5. UV-Vis Spectrometer, TLC Densitometer, Fermetor, Centrifuge.

Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory 


  1. Distillation water system, nanopure water system, ultrasound bath, deionization water system, melting point apparatus, autoclave.

  2. Two UV-Visible spectrophotometers, gas chromatograph, potentiometric titration equipment, FT-IR hydraulic press, centrifuge, HPLC, FT-IR, deep freezer, electrophoresis system.

  3. Rotary evaporator, Drying oven


Analytical Chemistry Laboratory


  1. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy with flame and graphite furnace technique.

  2. High Pressure  Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with UV-VIS and Fluorescence, Ion Chromatography (2 systems, single and double column).

  3. Gas Chromatography with FID detector, UV-VIS Spectrophotometry, Autoclaves, Powder Presses.

  4. Milling systems, Optical microscope, Furnaces, Rotary evaporator, Airborne particle sampling devices.

Physical Chemistry Laboratory

  1. Apparatus for measurement of Vapor-Liquid equilibrium at high pressures.

  2. Movable Piston High Pressure Optical Cell – 2 Quartz Crystall Microbalances – 3 Setaram C 80 Calorimeters – Supercritical Fluid Extraction Apparatus (SFE) (5 units) – Subcritical Water Oxidation apparatus – Gilson Supercritical Chromatograph (SFC )- Perkin-Elmer Spectrum GX Spectrophotometer – Miniscan XE Plus Spectrophotometer – Zwick 1455 Universal Testing Machine – FTIR Spectrometer (BIO-RAD) with GC/IR and TG/IR Hyphenation – Leica MZ 12 stereoscope with JVC TKC-621camera-Thermal Analysis (SHIMADZU): DSC, TGA and TMA – Static and Dynamic Light Scattering (Brookhaven Instruments).

  3. Ambient and High Pressure Densitometers (Anton Paar) – Single Screw Extruder with Film Blowing Attachment- GPC (Shimadzu ) – Mettler Thermal Microscopy/ Hot Stage – PAN Ultrasound Velocimeter.

  4. Haake Rheodrive with Rheomix, Twin Screw Extruder, and Capillary Rheometer – Izod Impact Tester

  5. 2 Silicon Graphics (O2) Workstations, a Linux Cluster of 25 Processors.