Emeritus Professors 


Emeritus ProfessorsHonorary Doctors
Emeritus Professor K. Alexiadis+Honorary Doctor Κ. Bagenas Professor Dept. of Chemical Engineering Univ. of Patras, GR
email: cgvayenas@upatras.gr
Emeritus Professor V. Papageorgiou
email: vaspap@eng.auth.gr
Emeritus Professor G. Sakellaropoulos
email: sakel@eng.auth.gr
Emeritus Professor C. Kiparissides
email: costas.kiparissides@eng.auth.gr
Emeritus Professor G. Kourouklis
email: gak@auth.gr
Emeritus Professor M. Liakopoulou-Kyriakides
email: markyr@eng.auth.gr

Retirement and resigned

Professor A. AnagnostopoulosProfessor Sp. Anastasiadis
Professor I. Vasalos
email: vasalos@certh.gr
Professor Ch. Georgakis
email: Christos.Georgakis@tufts.edu
Professor A. Karabelas
email: karabaj@cperi.certh.gr
Professor Pr. Daoutidis
email: daout001@umn.edu
Professor Pr. Bekiaroglou
email: bekiarog@auth.gr
Professor A. Sagredos
email: sagredos@t-online.de
Professor St. Nychas
email: nychas@auth.gr
Associate Professor K. Kravaris
email: kravaris@chemeng.upatras.gr
Professor I. PetropakisAssociate Professor I. Markopoulos
email: imarkopo@eled.auth.gr
Professor N. PlatakisAssociate Professor Μ. Μpakola-Christianopoulou
email: mchrist@auth.gr
Professor C. Sikalidis
email: sikalidi@auth.gr
Associate Professor V. Sikavitsas
email: vis@ou.edu
Professor M. Stamatoudis
email: stamatou@auth.gr
Assistant Professor A. Mellidis+
Professor Sp. Paras+
Associate Professor K. Adamopoulos
email: kadamopo@auth.gr
Assistant Professor N. Stoforos
email: stoforos@aua.gr
Associate Professor E. Kastrinakis
email: kastr@auth.gr
Lecturer E. Gkika
email: gkikae@auth.gr
Associate Professor Sp. Zlatanos
email: szlatano@eng.auth.gr
Associate Professor A. Papanastasiou+
Assistant Professor V. Kabasakalis
email: kabak@eng.auth.gr
Assistant Professor H. Lambrou
email: hlambrou@eng.auth.gr
Assistant Professor Sp. Hadjispyrou
email: shatzisp@eng.auth.gr
Lecturer D. Misopolinou-Tatala
email: doukeni@auth.gr