Department of Analysis, Design and Control of Chemical Engineering Processes Lab Equipment

Equipment includes

Chemical Engineering Laboratory B’ 


  1. Pilot plant for various polymerization reaction processes, which consists of a semi-batch reactor, a water bath, a cooling system, two control valves as well as valves and piping necessary for its smooth operation.

  2. Laser diffraction particle size analyzer for the determination of particle size distribution (size range 0.02-2000 μm) of solid or liquid samples.

  3. Scanning probe microscope for the study of materials’ surface.

  4. Freeze dryer for the recovery of polymeric particles in the form of free flowing powder.

  5. Sonicator for the formation of emulsions.

Chemical Plants Technology Laboratory


  1. Laser Doppler Anemometer for non-intrusive measurement of local flow-velocity.

  2. Micro-PIV system for velocity measurements in micro equipment.

  3. Fast video camera, endoscope and appropriate software for capturing and studying fast events.

  4. Parallel computer cluster (16 CPU 64bit).

  5. Fully equipped two-phase flow rigs (D= 50 and 25 mm).

  6. Liquid layer thickness measuring devices (parallel-wire conductance probes).

  7. Wall shear stress measuring devices (electrochemical probes).

  8. NIKON Eclipse LV100 stereo-microscope.

  9. KSV tensiometer.

  10. Pilot scale, fluidized bed gasification unit of biomass and waste.

  11. Laboratory scale, flash pyrolysis unit of biomass and waste.

  12. Rotary kiln for pyrolysis – activation of biomass and waste: Nabertherm DRSR-A.

  13. BET analysis of active carbons from biomass and waste: Quanta Chrom Instruments-Monosorb MS-21.

  14. GC analysis of pyrolysis – gasification gas produced by biomass and waste: HP 6890 Agilent Technologies. Gas Chromatograph unit PERKIN-ELMER 8410.