Department of U.O.A.T. Lab Equipment


A’ Chemical Engineering Laboratory 

(O.G.G 85/29-4-1975,τ.Α)

  1. Low-uncertainty viscometers for newtonian and non-newtonian fluids.

  2. Reometers.

  3. Carnot Cycle Equipment, boiling and condensation equipment, heat exchanger, equipment for measuring the heat transfer coefficient.

  4. Filter press.

  5. Centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps.

Laboratory of Thermophysical Properties& Environmental Processes 


  1. Transient hot-wire instrument for the measurement of the thermal conductivity of fluids and solids in wide termperature and pressure conditiions (fluids from -100 to plus 400’C and up to 1000 bars, solids 20 to 200’C).

  2. Parallel-plate apparatus for the measurement of thermal conductivity of solids according to ASTM.

  3. Vibrate-wire viscometer for the measurement of the viscosity of fluids, under wide temperature and pressure conditions (-100 until 200’C and up to 1000 bars).

  4. Class I platinum resistance thermometer and high precision 4-terminals Wheatstone bridges for the calibration of platinum resistance thermometers.

  5. A computer with4 parallel processors  and a LAN with 15 computers for environmental process simulations.

Laboratory of Electrochemical Processes


  1. Two Gas Chromatographers.

  2. Three Potensiometers. Two Signal Generators.

  3. Infra-red analyser CO – CO.2.

  4. Three roometers and three high temperature furnaces (1100’C).

Laboratory of Computational Fluid Mechanics

  1. 8 PCs and a parallel processing network under Linux for the simulation of flows and mass and energy transfer.